The After Party Nails – Zoya Payton Burgundy Sparkle


So as my previous article stated, I just had a super fun dance performance this past weekend.  After my Sunday performance my family took me out for an early birthday dinner.  We were headed to a nicer restaurant so I quickly swiped off my neon nails, but didn’t get to repaint them until later that evening.

Some members of my dance group invited me to a get together at one of the local clubs to celebrate the same night.  I opted for the opposite of neon stamped nails and went for dark and sparkly with Zoya’s Payton.  The best part about this polish (other than the amazing color-changing flecks) is the price I got it for.  It was on clearance at Ulta for half price ($3.99), but I also had a coupon and points so I effectively paid about $1.50!

The photos show two coats of Payton with INM Out The Door top coat.  I put the top coat after each layer of color because it can extend the wear of the polish.  This color is fabulous with one coat, a nice magenta, but two coats gives a dimensionality to the sparkly flecks that is drool-worthy.

I decided to get all fancy with my photos and use the rose I received as a performance gift from mom :).

The polish seems to be holding up well, only 1 chip after 3 days, but I have noticed that the color comes off when I rub my nails on something; guess if I misplace my pen I can just write with my nail.

 IMG_1426 IMG_1431 IMG_1433 IMG_1440  IMG_1444  IMG_1450 IMG_1443I

On a side note, I realized that my accent nail is basically a Tesla Logo; which I’m completely okay with because I think they are the sexiest cars on the road.


Polishes Used:

  1. Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat
  2. 1 Coat Zoya Payton
  3. 1 Coat INM Out The Door Top Coat
  4. 1 Coat Zoya Payton
  5. 1 Coat INM Out The Door Top Coat
  6.  BornPrettyStore Studs and mini rhinestone